VLE Training


Training Programme for the VLE

 It will be the responsibility of the SCA to train the VLE on various aspects of the CSC business, particularly the delivery of the G2C services.

The purpose of the VLE Training Programme is to equip the VLEs with all the skills that he/she would require for a smooth functioning of the CSC. To make it more effective, the training programme has beendivided into various stages so that each VLE can effectively grasp the information being imparted. The various stages of the programme can be described as under:

It must be noted that each training session will be conducted with quality guidance and learned supervision and the progress of the VLEs will be closely monitored.The curriculum of the training programme has been so designed as to enable the VLEs to conduct the CSC operations confidently and efficiently.


Training Date and Training Venue

Dear VLEs,

Vayam ensures to train all its VLEs & VLE Operators on various aspects of the CSC project for efficient delivery of all proposed services, particularly the delivery of G2C and B2C services.

Monthly block level training programmes and Weekly training programmes are conducted at Vayam CSC Head Office on specific service delivery for the capacity building of the VLEs.

For Training Date confirmation please call at our CSC office and book your seat as earliest as posible.


Training Venue

State Head (UPCSC)

Vayam Technologies Ltd., Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar

Lucknow, U.P.