About VLE


The Village Level Entrepreneur

 The Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) is the first and the foremost Part of e-Governance scheme. The company is to select VLEs as per selection criteria suggested by Government.

Responsibilities of the VLE

  • Effective Service Delivery: The VLE will provide all the services to citizens which are provided by CSC and thus, will act as a service delivery point through which the population of the catchments area benefits.
  • Sales and Promotion: The VLE will be actively involved in the sales process of the products and services given to him with his skills and social relationship.
  • Feedback: It is the responsibility of the VLE to provide feedback at regular intervals to the SCA.
  • Relation with Government functionaries: The VLE shall maintain cordial relationship with Government and Panchayat functionaries at the local level.   
  • The VLE will ensure, without any prejudice, to provide all services to the rural citizens.







G2C Services

Tehsil Divas
Land Records
Vehicle Registration
Ration Card

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B2C Services

Commercial Services
Digital Photography
Web Surfing

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Education Services

IT Education
Language Training