Frequently Asked Questions


This list is a summary of the most frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, please mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

  1. What is the National e-Governance Plan? 

    NeGP is an ambitious plan of the Government of India that aims at providing all government services to the common man in his locality though a one-stop-shop (integrated service delivery) ensuring convenience, efficiency, transparency and reliability.
  2. How is NeGP implemented? 

    The NeGP aims at substantially increasing the pace of e-governance activities in the Center as well as in the states. It proposes to achieve this by implementing, ‘Core ICT Infrastructure Projects’ and the ‘Mission Mode Projects’ in the Center as well as in the states.
  3. What is the CSC scheme?

    CSC may be defined as the front-end delivery points for public, private and social sector services to rural citizens. It is positioned as a ‘Change Agent’, to promote rural entrepreneurship,build rural capacities and livelihoods and enable community participation.
  4. Who are the stakeholders in this scheme?   

    The state government, DIT – GoI, SDA (State Designated Agency) and SCA (Service Centre Agency) are the stakeholders. To promote rural entrepreneurship, build rural capacities, enable community participation and collective action for social change requires active participation and close interaction among these stakeholders with the active support of local bodies, opinion makers and interested agencies/institutions involved , commercial or otherwise, in rural areas or markets. Under the CSC scheme, a PPP (Public Private Partnership) model has been proposed to undertake and address such related issues in the most effective way. 
  5. What is the role of state government? 

    The major roles envisaged for the state Government are as follows:
  6. What is the role of DIT?  
  7. What is the role of SDA (State designated agency)? 

    SDA is an agency that is controlled by the state Government to facilitate the implementation of the scheme within the state and to provide requisite policy and support to SCAs. The roles and responsibilities of an SDA are as follows:
  8. What is the role of SCA (Service Centre Agency)?

    SCA is a prime driver of CSC implementation in a PPP (Public Private Partnership) mode to operate, manage and build the village network and its business.  
  9. Who is a VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur)?

    VLE is the individual identified and retained by the SCA as a franchisee or in any other legal and contractual capacity for day-to-day management, operations and maintenance of the CSCs. Each CSC would be owned and operated by a VLE who is a local from the village.
  10. What are the roles and responsibilities of a VLE?  
  11. What are the benefits of this scheme to the society / community?